Friday Fictioneers – Homesick

2 05 2013

Woohoo! I made it, and it’s only Thursday!  Kinda makes up for last week, don’t cha think? See Rochelle’s blog if you want to know whats what. Basically, 100 words of fiction based on a photo prompt. Go!

(c) Kent Bonham


As the suns set over New Barcelona, and weary settlers headed for home, the plastcrete building in Gaudi Square morphed into Casa Battló once more.

Staring at the famous masked balconies and the beautiful organic stonework brought on a deep pang of homesickness. I missed the old city; not to mention the San Miguel and the wonderful tapas at La Cova Fumada.

Even as I watched, the balconies started to flow back into the building once again as the heritage AI rearranged the plastcrete.

The building shrunk, squared up, and finally produced those oh so familiar delicious smells.

Thank you.


Friday Fictioneers – When Tomorrow Comes

8 02 2013

Hi folks, Friday Fiction time. 100 words based on a photo prompt. All the details are here at Rochelle’s website. Join in, it’s fun.

Copyright Rich Voza

When Tomorrow Comes

As the sun set slowly behind the distant mountains, silence settled like a heavy blanket over deserted runways and empty terminals. Gazing into the glare at the empty jet and the abandoned tractors reminded me of how quickly everybody had left.

They called it The Exodus. Billions of people evacuated through thousands of wormholes to New Earth, all to escape the wrath of an impending asteroid strike.

Some stayed: dedicated scientists, volunteers like me, the very old, the cantankerous. There’s still a chance the measures we’ve taken might divert it.

If we see the sun rise again tomorrow, we’ll know.

BCF Month#2 – Prompt 1

11 01 2013

Business Card Fiction.  Does what it says on the tin. Write a piece of fiction (based on a photo prompt) on the back of a business card. Visit BCF to see all the rules and regs.

This is the photo prompt:

And here is my submission:

BCF002a - Give and Take

Friday Fictioneers – Sci-Fi – The Arrival

5 01 2013

Better late than never, here’s my submission to this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Will try and get back on track with the submitting and visiting next week. Happy New Year!

Copyright Lora Mitchell

The Arrival

The children jumped about and laughed, cavorting in the cold night air. The adults cheered and waved as four pink bubbles – the creation of some exotic physics – slowly expanded in the darkening sky like giant nocturnal flowers slowly unfurling their petals in the moonlight.

The crowd fell silent as the gateways opened to reveal the expected ships. Long, grey and featureless they emerged slowly from iridescent tunnels and drifted silently out over the waiting city.

They promised us progress. They promised us a future. They promised us they were friends.

And then the screaming started.

Friday Fictioneers – Gone, But Not Forgotten

13 12 2012

Friday Fiction time. Short and sweet this week, 55 words.  Last week tried to visit everybody, but had to give up after about 45 stories as it was Tuesday again! Will try to visit as many as possible this week, but not around much Friday or Saturday, hence the Thursday posting. Although having had a quick check, there’s already at least 25 stories up there now!

Please join in, it’s fun. Go here to find out more.

Copyright Douglas M MacIlroy

Gone, But Not Forgotten

“Keep up everybody.”

“And here we have a recreation of Emilio’s shed. This is where with duct tape, chicken-wire and the most basic of tools, Emilio Santos created the first working invisibility shield generator. His vision, dynamism and sacrifice paved the way for a whole new branch of physics.”

“Unfortunately, Emilio hasn’t been seen since.”

You are what you read – Science Fiction

26 09 2012

Like all of us, I like to read. I like some thrillers, I like non-fiction military history, I like poker books (not that I’m getting any better for reading them!) but mostly I like science fiction and fantasy. These last two encompass quite wide fields, so I thought that as things are quiet round here mid-week I’d run through some of my favourites. Two reasons for this. Firstly it might give you a sense of who I am, and secondly if you’re into the same stuff, then consider it a recommended reading list.

So this week it’s science fiction. Please note this rambling list is in no particular order, it’s just how they came to mind.

Dune – Frank Herbert
Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card
The Seafort Saga – David Feintuch (but only up to book 4 Fisherman’s Hope which is probably my favourite)
Dorsai books – Gordon Dickson
Forever War – Joe Haldeman
Starship Troopers – Heinlein
Most Asimov especially the Foundation series
Most Simak especially Way Station
World War 2.1 etc – John Birmingham
Lost Fleet Series – Jack Campbell
Perdido Street Station – China Mieville
Infected & Contagious – Scott Sigler
Last Light – Alex Scarrow (not exactly SF, it’s all about what happens when the oil runs out. Very good)
The Parafaith War – Modesitt
Flowers For Algernon – Daniel Keyes (This is a must read)
Moonseed – Stephen Baxter
The Tripods trilogy – John Christopher & Joe Burleson (the first SF I ever read, found it in the school library)
The Saga of Seven Suns – Kevin J Anderson
The Reality Disfunction – Peter Hamilton

I’m sure there are many others that I’ve forgotten, so this list might get updated.