Friday Fictioneers

2 11 2012

Hello again. It’s Friday and time for another 100 word piece of flash fiction based on a photo prompt. Ably organised by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Have a go, it’s fun. Just write something on your own blog, click on the blue froggy thing down below, and then click on the bit at the bottom of that to add the URL of your post. Simples!

Comments welcome, I’m here to learn.

Copyright Ted Strutz

Teenage Kicks

I watched the Goths pouring into the night market: a black cloud descending hungrily onto the brightly lit stalls. They strutted around in their black clothes and their crushed velvets, blood red lips shining out like beacons from alabaster skin. Freaky vampire wannabes. They tried on the latest cool sunglasses and laughed too loudly at the flying bat toys. Just a bunch of anxious teenagers banding together in mutual insecurity.

I work on the camera stall, so took some snaps of the group. I can see the shoppers in the pictures, but the Goths . . . don’t appear.