Friday Fictioneers – His Final Creation

11 04 2013

Hi all. Back by popular (ok singular) demand after getting distracted by having the kids at home over Easter, it’s time for a bit of Friday Fiction. 100 words or thereabouts based on a photo prompt, this week supplied by Sandra Crook. If you want to join in, you’re welcome. See Rochelle’s blog for the guidelines.


(c) Sandra Crook


His Final Creation

When I was told that my grandfather always put a bit of himself into everything he built, I didn’t think they meant it literally.

Made with – and from – all of his most cherished tools, his one-man, ride-on plough embodied all his beliefs of function over form. Which is pretty ironic as some think that the rusty heap now sitting on my porch is actually a work of art!

His final creation may look a bit tired and antiquated by modern standards, but I know for a fact … it’s still got heart.