As this is basically a writing related blog, I thought maybe I should explain who I am and why I’m here.

I’ve always fancied the idea of writing, but it’s a bit like fancying Nigella Lawson. (NB. For anyone outside the UK she’s a TV chef, Google her for an image). Nice idea, but ultimately not going anywhere. When I was (much) younger, and eagerly reading my monthly copies of Isaac Asimov’s SF magazine, I thought that maybe I could write like that. So I rushed out, bought a copy of Elements of Style and got to it. Gave up after one rejection.

After working too hard for the next twenty years and completely forgetting about the writing thing, I thought maybe I’d have another go. This time I joined the well known (but possibly not well respected?) Writers Bureau here in the UK and started working my way through their correspondence course. Gave up half way through, never stuck with it long enough to get through non-fiction.

A few years later I picked it up again. Submitted a few articles to magazines and had one published. I think it was about the Romans in Derbyshire. But alas, other things in life came along (kids) and once again I ground to a writing halt.

So now we arrive at the present. This time the Internet exists with all it’s wonderful markets and competitions. So I’m going to start with small pieces of flash fiction, maybe very short stories, and just feel my way, learning as I go. Who knows? Maybe Nigella will notice me.

I’m mostly interested in science fiction, although maybe speculative fiction is more accurate. I like quite a range of authors: Peter Hamilton, Jack Campbell, Heinlein, Simak, Tolkien, and especially Charles De Lint. Also have a soft spot for Flowers For Algernon.


eagletogo at hotmail dot com


3 responses

14 09 2012
Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

If you’re wanting to make a name as a writer you might want to post one and let your followers know who the heck you are!

14 09 2012

I am known to certain members of this group in the ‘real’ world. I’m not yet sure I want to be a writer . . . so the name can wait for now. 🙂

29 10 2012

Ah ha, the penny has dropped 🙂

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