Friday Fictioneers

27 06 2014

Two stories in two weeks! That’s almost regular. If you’ve stumbled here by accident, welcome to the Friday Fictioneers. If you like what you see, why not give it a go?

After last week’s semi-autobiographical piece, I’ve now calmed down again. Alas England are back in . . . well England, and another World Cup goes by without success. Come on guys, I’ve only got so many left in me!

(c) Madison Woods

Katerina Pletskova was a Witch

At least that’s what the other children said, but Anya didn’t believe them. She thought the old crone just liked to scare people by placing bleached skulls in the surrounding trees.

Anya sighed. A dare was a dare, and that’s a serious thing. Leaving the others cowering at the edge of the woods, she walked slowly through the building mist towards the front door. The tiniest of knocks and honour would be satisfied.

But Anya never reached the door. Some said the mist took her . . . some say there’s a new skull in the old apple tree.





6 responses

27 06 2014

Maybe she should have asked Snopes first to see if it were real. 🙂 Good one.


29 06 2014
Riya Anne Polcastro

Oh snap! Either way guess that witch is confirmed.

30 06 2014

Pete, Good story with a scary ending. O_o Anya was one of those people in horror stories who never listens and pays the price. That’s a really good place to stay away from. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

30 06 2014
Sarah Ann

Great title and feel to you story. I could hear Anya sighing with the ‘A dare was a dare line.’ Really enjoyed this one.

30 06 2014

Thanks. I can’t remember who it was that gave me the tip about titles doubling as the first line of the story and still having 100 words to use!

30 06 2014
Nan Falkner

Wicked witch playing! Very clever with the title and it works! Nan 😉

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