Friday Fictioneers – Weighed and Measured

27 09 2013

Morning all. Friday once again and time for another 100 words of fiction based on a photo prompt. Thanks to Rochelle for organizing. Please visit Rochelle’s blog to find out more about the Friday Fictioneers. I don’t claim to be a writer, I do this for a bit of fun. So constructive criticism is always welcome as I’m here to learn.

(c) Rich Voza


Weighed and Measured

As the final episodes of my life finished flashing past my eyes, I dropped to my knees, hands clutching fruitlessly at my failing heart.

Through the pain and the tears I glimpsed three doors. White would lead me up to Heaven, blue would guide me to Purgatory, Red . . . to the other place.

My mortal life was over, I had been weighed and measured. Had I led a worthy life? A good life? Nobody is perfect, but do you need to be? We all have our faults . . . and our regrets.

Slowly, the door swung open.

P.S.  What colour is your door?




10 responses

27 09 2013
Douglas MacIlroy

Dear Pete,

The end cometh. Thank goodness.



27 09 2013

Dear Pete,

If we need to be perfect to go through the blue door no one’s going through it…ever.



27 09 2013

Though it would be wonderful to go straight through the yellow door, I have a feeling we all need to spend a little time through the blue door to truly prepare ourselves for Heaven. Nice work!

27 09 2013

i am sure the blue door opened …… just wondering about other places.

Very well crafted.

27 09 2013

Great little story, and damn I think it’s the red door for me 😉

27 09 2013
The Bumble Files

Oh, and what would it be?! You left me hanging, but I like that you ended it that way. I hope it will be a good place. Nicely written.

28 09 2013
Lindaura Glamoura

Leaving us with a mystery…If all these concepts existed in reality, which one do you think would your life lead you to?

28 09 2013

One of those big questions… what color opened for him? We’re left to wonder and about this guy, and think of his past.

29 09 2013

We chose very similar paths, but my blue door was the key. 😉

2 10 2013

The scene of the doors opening by themselves is well done.

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