Friday Fictioneers – Carrying On

20 09 2013

Happy Friday one and all!  Time for another little gobbet of nonsense prose for all the world to scratch their head over. If you have stumbled upon this post by accident, well good for you. It’s all part of the Friday Fictioneers; 100 words of fiction (supposedly) on a Friday, inspired by a photo prompt. If you’d like to join in, visit Rochelle for the guidelines.

Copyright John Nixon

Carrying On

Albert Potter leaned wearily on his bamboo walking stick and peered in through the glass windows of Orlando Watt’s second-hand shop.

It seemed like a longer walk each year; but he had to come to say hello. And just in case . . . goodbye.

The pure white lace of the wedding dress looked as crisp and clean as it had so long ago. The staff always kept it spotless and seemed to discourage prospective buyers.

He could see her now; unblemished skin as smooth and pale as alabaster, still just as fresh as the day she was embalmed.




10 responses

20 09 2013

Oh, that was a shock–a good one. Well done.

Here’s mine:

20 09 2013

I thought there might be more to this than what I read, so I looked up your characters’ names. Did I want to go there?? 🙂


21 09 2013

Classic British comedy from the 1960’s, glad you worked it out. 😉

20 09 2013

The open ending is a great touch. I am left wondering who the dress belonged too and what happened to her. I concluded that what happened isn’t good.

20 09 2013

I love the darkness that was so subtly hidden 😉

20 09 2013
Lindaura Glamoura

Yup, that wedding dress has inspired quite a few dark memories. Well told, with plenty of detail.

21 09 2013
21 09 2013

Dear Pete,

Oh snap! Loved the twist at the end which made me wince, choke and laugh, all at the same time.



21 09 2013

Dea Pete,

You had me going right to the end…Wait for it….wait… Great job.



21 09 2013

that last line really hit me! Great one!

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