Friday Fictioneers – Time to Change

13 09 2013

Ok, I know, I’ve been neglecting my Friday duties for far too long, and it might have continued but for the fact that I happened to spot  Jan’s photo and it immediately brought back lots of great New York memories.

I may be as English as well . . . Johnny English, but many years ago I worked in New York for a year, down near Wall Street. I watched baseball games in the evening sun, saw more concerts in one year than the rest of my life, chilled out in Central Park, and discovered a whole host of fast food franchises that I never new existed.

Mayor Ed Koch used to say that being a New Yorker was not about where you were born, but rather “to be a New Yorker you have to live here for six months, and if at the end of  the six months you find you walk faster, talk faster, think faster, you’re a New  Yorker”.


If you’ve happened across this post by chance, it’s part of Friday Fictioneers; 100 words of fiction on a Friday based on a photo prompt. Visit Rochelle to learn more.

Copyright Jan Wayne Fields

Time to Change

Boats thump across the choppy harbour waters, spray sparkling in the spring sunshine. Behind them waves sweep across Battery Park.

Ahead looms the recently elevated Statue of Liberty, still welcoming the huddled masses now flooding in from the low lying countries around the globe.

History repeats itself, and once again they come seeking a better life. But this time they are the engineers and the scientists; not the labourers and the stevedores. This time they are the teachers, come to show us a better way, a way to ensure that Lady Liberty will never need to be raised again.




10 responses

13 09 2013

Mayor Koch certainly knew what’s what, when it comes to NYC. Nice piece.

13 09 2013
Jan Brown

A cautionary tale, well told.

13 09 2013
Björn Rudberg (brudberg)

Stark future … and almost real soon… I hope it’s not needed… Nice to read your stories again,

13 09 2013

Nice take, It caught me off-guard – that’s a good thing.

14 09 2013
Perry Block (@PerryBlock)

Interesting piece. Not sure if the people coming will metaphorically raise the meaning of the statue or actually have to raise it because of changing climate. Either way the story works.

14 09 2013

Dear Pete,

Did you mean that the statue had literally fallen in this bleak tale? At lease end on a hopeful note.



14 09 2013

Apologies. The idea was that the seas are rising so the statue had literally been raised up higher to keep her toes out of the water. The influx of knowledge from around the world will hopefully help solve the long term problem. The seas are rising. Winter is coming.

15 09 2013
Lindaura Glamoura

Amazing. There are so many stories about the destruction of our planet this week – and all from such an innocent looking prompt. But your tale totally rings true, sad to say. Well done.

16 09 2013

So many ways to read this story. I like it. My initial response was a feeling of optimistic hope in reaching whatever goal is present. Nice work.

18 09 2013

Well done; just the right amount of mystery to keep me digging around till I realized what happened. The situation looks a little less dire than it used to, but with a system so complicated, who knows what future research will bring.

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