Friday Fictioneers – The Piano

14 06 2013

Hi everyone. Back again for another dose of Friday Fiction, 100 words based on a photo prompt. Just can’t seem to stay away for long. If you’d like to join in and share the addiction, why not have a look at Rochelle’s blog to find out all about it. Thank you to John Nixon for the wonderful photo.

Copyright John Nixon.

The Piano

A wave of silence swept over the astounded audience, broken only by the steadily decreasing footfall of heavy feet, and the slightly muffled pleas coming from the piano.  Even before it could settle, the silence was replaced by another wave; one of cheering and clapping so unrestrained as to be heard in the nearby streets.

They really hadn’t liked the clown. He was vulgar and amateurish, and quite possibly drunk. So after he invited the local celebrity linebacker up on stage to assist him, and then tried to hypnotise him into dancing like a chicken, the outcome was hardly unexpected.




12 responses

14 06 2013

And the message is… don’t mess with a linebacker. 🙂 Nice one.

14 06 2013
Joe Owens

The same kind of thing can result when a linebacker is called chicken.

14 06 2013

He deserved every note.

15 06 2013

… and TOUCHDOWN! Both for the story AND for the clown. After that, I’m sure he’ll be breathing out the wrong end.

15 06 2013


15 06 2013
Sarah Ann

Love how your clown ended up there – a night to remember for the audience.

15 06 2013
Helena Hann-Basquiat

Never piss off a member of the football, squad, darling — everybody knows that!

15 06 2013

Oh, NOW I understand how he got in there! I like the contrast of heavy footsteps and muffled pleas, and the suspense of wondering why the footsteps are heavy (I think the photo makes the muffled pleas completely understandable!)

16 06 2013

Nice twist.

16 06 2013
Swirling Turnip

LOL, LOL! I like the muffled pleas.Oops!

16 06 2013

Dear Pete,

Love it when you drop by and share. This is no exception. I’m sure that’s one clown who’ll be more careful about who he messes with next time. Well done.



17 06 2013

Okay, now that was good.

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