Friday Fictioneers – Shadows

24 05 2013

Hi folks. Always seem to be short of time these days, so here’s a quick and dirty bit of fluff based on today’s photo prompt. Not my best, but I wanted to contribute. For those of you not familiar with the Friday Fiction group, visit Rochelle to find out more. 100 words or so of fiction based on a photo prompt. It only takes five minutes (well it did today), so why not give it a go?

(c) Danny Bowman


As the first rays of sun warmed my back, the last dregs of energy drained from my aching limbs.

I could see them out the corner of my eye; distorted human shadows winking in and out.

When I saw the payphone a block away, my hopes resurfaced. But when I got there they were crushed so deeply that they’d never see the light of day again. As I stared mutely at the broken handset, the shadow of a raised arm swept slowly up the front of the phone. I tried to dive, but the knife was too quick.




7 responses

24 05 2013
H. Ken Abell

I think you’re the first person who focused on the shadow! Nicely done.

24 05 2013
Lindaura Glamoura

Interesting about that shadow. I never thought about it either, but it looks exactly like a raised arm about to strike! Good story.

25 05 2013

Good attention to detail, and I always appreciate a little morbidity to start my weekend!

25 05 2013
Kent Bonham

That’s gotta leave a mark. Top shelf!

25 05 2013

Dear Pete,
For “quick and dirty” it was sharp and well-paced. Would that everyone could “dash off” a story so nicely.

30 05 2013

I agree! 🙂

27 05 2013

This seems slow paced for the way it ended. So resolute it was more sad than fearful.

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