Friday Fiction – The Art of the Deal

10 05 2013

The Friday Fictioneers are an eclectic mix of bloggers from around the world, all of whom love to entertain us with 100 words of fiction on a Friday based on a photo prompt. To find out more, visit Rochelle’s blog. Why not join in, we’re a friendly bunch. Mostly.

(c) Ted Strutz

The Art of the Deal

Leaving the blissful heat of Fifth Avenue behind, I stepped into the cool – but surprisingly bright – Icon Grill. Best described as eclectic, the decor was a wonderful mishmash of different art styles all created by young Seattle artists. Which was exactly why it was one of my better hunting grounds.

It was quiet today; maybe midday was too early for struggling artists. No matter, someone would be here soon. Someone desperate for success. Someone willing to make a deal. Sooner or later, I’ll gain another soul.




15 responses

10 05 2013

Love the way you have used the prompt. I was waiting for the dark side, you didn’t disappoint.
Well done

10 05 2013

Oho! The devil is in the details…and often waiting to prey upon struggling artists. I guess the Devil isn’t always waiting at the Crossroads. Good one.

10 05 2013
Linda Vernon

Ah. Yes. Struggling artists in Seattle. The perfect place for procuring souls! Fresh!

11 05 2013
Christopher Schuck

Ha! At first I was thinking, “interesting, just using the actual bar, in the actual city, just keeping it real.” Then out creeps the soul eating devil. You made the devil more real than I like him to be. No more signing contracts promising “fame and fortune” with strangers dressed in black for me anymore…

11 05 2013

Love the subtle foreshadowing in “the blissful heat”! A clever little story.

11 05 2013

The Devil’s left the heat of Georgia and headed for Seattle. Someone let Ted know right away!


11 05 2013

Enjoyed this – a different take on the prompt.

11 05 2013

Nice work, Pete! This prompt has inspired a lot of stories and yours is truly inspired.

11 05 2013

BTW, I know who Nigella LAwson is … she’s been here in Kansas City. Va-va-va-VOOM!!!

11 05 2013

Dear Pete,
Fascinating POV. I was expecting a vampire not old Slewfoot himself. Nicely crafted.

11 05 2013

Figured it out just as I started the last line! Good one!!!

12 05 2013

Yes, this was good.

12 05 2013

Nice Flash, I enjoyed reading it & the twist is compelling & works on several levels.

13 05 2013
Sarah Ann

Love the way you set this up in that first paragraph – so disarming. Like it.

14 05 2013
Rog Rites (@RogRites)


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