Friday Fictioneers – Homesick

2 05 2013

Woohoo! I made it, and it’s only Thursday!  Kinda makes up for last week, don’t cha think? See Rochelle’s blog if you want to know whats what. Basically, 100 words of fiction based on a photo prompt. Go!

(c) Kent Bonham


As the suns set over New Barcelona, and weary settlers headed for home, the plastcrete building in Gaudi Square morphed into Casa Battló once more.

Staring at the famous masked balconies and the beautiful organic stonework brought on a deep pang of homesickness. I missed the old city; not to mention the San Miguel and the wonderful tapas at La Cova Fumada.

Even as I watched, the balconies started to flow back into the building once again as the heritage AI rearranged the plastcrete.

The building shrunk, squared up, and finally produced those oh so familiar delicious smells.

Thank you.




19 responses

3 05 2013
Jan Brown

An AI artifice — wonderful! An extremely creative interpetation of the photo prompt.

3 05 2013
Linda Vernon

Oh I like this! I wonder if that’s what all buildings do when we’re not looking! 😀

3 05 2013

You write with such delicacy of mood, I was taken along your thought process with absolute faith and trust. Of course this building makes the most perfect meals…. 😉

3 05 2013
Anne Orchard

Very well realised. Who would want to leave those beautiful buildings behind? Plastcrete sounds like very useful stuff, too.

3 05 2013

Original take … loved the word plastcrete.

3 05 2013

Lovely take on the image. Lots of juicy description.

3 05 2013

Now there’s an idea – a building that morphs into whatever you want. Great little tale – and you’ve made me hungry for tapas!

3 05 2013

Wonderful! A very original piece of scifi, which was a joy to read. All the little details–New Barcelona, plastcrete, AI–all used perfectly. Great job!

Here’s mine:

3 05 2013
Björn Rudberg (brudberg)

Wonderful, but you made me hungry for those papas bravas and other tapas… I’ll book a flight…

3 05 2013

Ooh I like this. A “smart building” to change it’s shape at will and provide the desired food. The future looks bright.

4 05 2013

Hey, that’s pretty cool! Gaudi would be proud of that kind of description, I’m sure. You got the name of the building right. The street is, I think, Passeig de Gracia where it’s located.

4 05 2013

Very good! I’m with Bjorn–ready for tapas.


4 05 2013
Christopher Schuck

What a wonderful idea. Several people wrote about the cruel business magnet that wanted to tear this building down for a modern condo, but I like this solution a lot. Why not have both! A very creative solution and great sci-fi story element.

4 05 2013

a wonderful original idea 🙂

4 05 2013

Ah, I wish we did have that technology. Great take.

5 05 2013

What a delicious tale!

5 05 2013
Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Dear Pete,
New Barcelona? Intriguing.

5 05 2013

A new vision for the prompt and the building. Enjoyed it.

5 05 2013
David Stewart

That’s a very cool idea, although I first read AI as the Al (as in Allan) so that confused me for a second. 🙂

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