Friday Fictioneers – Claire’s Bookcase

27 04 2013

Hi all, sorry I’m late to this week’s party. But better late than never.  If you’ve arrived here by accident, worry not!  Go and visit Rochelle and all will be revealed. Or explained. Or something. Basically we’re talking 100 words or thereabouts of fiction based on a photo prompt.

(c) Claire Fuller

Claire’s Bookcase

With a deft flick of Macbeth, Claire stood back to let the heavy bookcase swing open  revealing a hidden door. Made of steel, with a single combination lock and small round peephole, it looked something like a large safe.

She checked on her treasure. A man, head slumped on his chest, was bound to a metal chair.

It was his own fault, he never should have come knocking. So far nobody had missed him: no alarm had been raised.

Stepping back, she slid her fingers along spines of books until she found the closing trigger. Appropriately enough, Death of a Salesman.




12 responses

27 04 2013

I’m a little worried about what other titles might be on her shelves! Nice one.


27 04 2013

Ouch! Well done, Pete!

28 04 2013


28 04 2013
Debra Kristi

Very well scripted. I could see it like a video in my mind. Is it horrible that Janet’s comment made me chuckle?

28 04 2013

If I had a library the space behind would be full of these people. Great idea Pete! Well done.

28 04 2013

Excellent – and chilling!

28 04 2013

Tada! My favorite for the week!

1 05 2013

Thank you.

28 04 2013
Björn Rudberg (brudberg)

There will be a spot to clean from this… damn spot

29 04 2013

Oh. Kay. Claire. No, no, I wasn’t planning to visit you. Really. Just step away from the bookcase. Please.

Very effective creepy little story – I think what makes it especially scary is that she doesn’t seem to have any particular motive!

29 04 2013
Sarah Ann

Love this idea. Great story and use of the library.

2 05 2013

Oh dear!

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