Friday Fictioneers – The Old Missouri Barn

21 02 2013

Howdy folks! Sorry I missed last week, but somebody volunteered me to paint the local library and it’s been taking way more effort than expected!

Something slightly different for you this week, as my darling other half wanted us to have a go at a two-part story. So read this one first, and then read Anne’s. Her idea was that I would write whatever I liked, and she’d find away of continuing it or taking it in a different direction. I probably made it harder by having a definite conclusion rather than leaving mine open-ended. I’m sure she’ll get her own back at some point!

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The Old Missouri Barn

Copyright – Janet Webb

The Old Missouri Barn

Just like the old farmer that once owned it, the old Missouri barn was a character: content in retirement; resistant to change.

To the Barn Alliance, it was wonderful opportunity. Over the space of many months, vines were cleared, rotten boards replaced, old trusses repaired, and roof recovered. Even the old grey picket fence was white again.

But the barn didn’t want to be young. As soon as the volunteers left, with a creaking and a groaning, the walls slumped, the roof peeled back, creepers spread rapidly, and with an almost audible sigh, the barn settled back into comfy dilapidation.

– – – – – – – – –

For more on the Missouri Barn Alliance and Rural Network (MoBARN), visit

To read Anne’s follow-up story, click here.




23 responses

21 02 2013
Friday Fictioneers – The Project « Anne Orchard, Writer

[…] that follows on from his. So whilst this can be read as a stand-alone story, you are invited to read Pete’s first, if you have not already done […]

21 02 2013

It’s like Christine but in reverse, and with a barn instead of a red car.

21 02 2013

Yes, exactly!

21 02 2013

I read Anne’s first now I have to re-read to catch the fit. Though I understand how the change is happening. Nicely done.

21 02 2013

“Comfy dilapidation.” different phrasing. BTW, I live in Missouri. 😉 Off to read Anne’s now.

22 02 2013

I know some people who are just like that!

22 02 2013

Nice twist! Also off to read.


22 02 2013

Ending is ominous…!

22 02 2013
Debra Kristi

The ultimate money pit. Ouch. I love the comparison to Christine. Popping over to Anne’s.

22 02 2013
Angel Fractured

I like that the barn is personified toward the end. Off to read the sequel now . . .

22 02 2013

I love that the barn had a mind of its own. Great job in so few words.

Here’s mine:

22 02 2013

Hi Pete,
I love old barns so the Missouri Barn Alliance sounds great and I’m going to check it out. I love in Arkansas, only about 30 miles from Missouri. Liked the way you made the barn into a living character. Ron

22 02 2013

Now I like a barn that thinks for itself and resists the embellishments of do-gooders. Nice one Pete.

22 02 2013

This is like the Pig Pen of the barn world, right? I remember one of the Peanuts comics Lucy decided to clean Pig Pen up but as soon as she was done he naturally converted to his Pig Pen self.

22 02 2013
Joe Owens

All those years settling as it wishes and some do-gooders have to come make their “improvements”. Ah, but the barn is practiced at being old and quickly reclaims it’s aura. Such a good story. Now i will toddle over to Anne’s.

23 02 2013

oh, a barn with a mind of it’s own. Great! Now I’m off to read Anne’s.

23 02 2013

the barn that dislikes renovation:) good imagination!

23 02 2013

with an almost audible sigh, the barn settled back into comfy dilapidation.— really awesome line! 🙂

23 02 2013
The Writers Village

grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change….

23 02 2013

Great story, I love the thought that the barn fought back!

23 02 2013

my husband in his Lazy Boy. I love this.

23 02 2013
Lindaura Glamoura

Yes, I like this. You have made the barn a real character – and your descriptions throughout the piece are spot on and even inventive. Good Work!

24 02 2013
Björn Rudberg (brudberg)

Wonderful, a barn with a life of its own. But the white fence is still there. :-)..

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