Friday Fictioneers – Interview

24 01 2013

Hello world. The Friday Fictioneers are a collection of people who love to write 100 words of fiction on a Friday. I’m no writer, but I joined in just for the fun of it. Why not have a go? Visit Rochelle’s blog to find out more.

This weeks photo prompt is shown below. Sun, sand, palm trees … only one thing missing … zombies!

Copyright Renee Homan Heath

Extract from interview with Corp. Brian ‘Zed-Bait’ Duffey – June 14th, 2015

My job was to let them catch a glimpse of me, then hightail it back to the squad. Sure enough, they would soon follow; shuffling and moaning.

This one time they were on the beach, see? All dressed up in their cruising finery: dinner jackets and evening dresses, ruined from walking back to land. As each pallid corpse came down the path, a single shot to the forehead took it down, only for the next one to crawl over the twitching body. The pile would get higher and higher, until finally… no more zombies.

But there were always more zombies.

 – – – – – – –

This weeks inspiration came from recently reading the excellent World War Z (An Oral History of the Zombie War), by Max Brooks.  It’s now been turned into a blockbuster movie starring Brad Pitt, and is out this summer.




18 responses

24 01 2013
Joe Owens

It seems Zombies are taking over on all fronts. The Walking dead on television, on Friday Fictioneers and the new movie opening in February where the Zombie boy learns how to feel as he falls in love. What an interesting use of the prompt.

24 01 2013

Zombies make everything more fun 🙂

24 01 2013

Sounds as though they had a good plan but which will run out first? The bullets or the zombies??? 🙂

24 01 2013
Björn Rudberg (brudberg)

Interesting that zombies can be killed… Silver bullets are for vampires right. But to be the lure can’t be fun.

25 01 2013

Excellent, for not being a writer.

I’ve heard of ‘World War Z’… I’ll have to check it out.

25 01 2013

I hope no Zombies were injured in the making of this movie… Very scary Pete.

25 01 2013

I always love me a good zombie story! Perfectly done!

25 01 2013

Never heard of world war z but have played War Z. Great story. I love zombie fics done right! Bravo!

25 01 2013

good use of the picture without describing the picture. saves a lot of words that way. well done.

25 01 2013

Brains! Love zombies and beaches too. Good story.

25 01 2013

Zombies, originality, interesting equals a good job.

25 01 2013
Anne Orchard

Very entertaining book, and yours is an excellent expansion on it. Not sure the movie looks quite in keeping with the book … nore kind of roughly based on it, I guess.

25 01 2013

Hi Dude,
Zombie fiction, very popular genre. I’m so thankful zombies can’t move very fast. If they ever get their hands on an energy drink, we’re all in big trouble. Ron

26 01 2013

Dear Pete,
It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it. No Zombies from Bill this week. Thanks for picking up the slack. Entertaining. The clip went well with your story.

26 01 2013

I sure saw them in their ruined evening attire. I’m usually not a fan of zombies, but I liked this story.

27 01 2013

You got everything into the setting, and I quite liked the idea of shooting their heads off…but thy still keep coming..

27 01 2013

I am a zombie fanatic! Love this!

27 01 2013
Perry Block (@PerryBlock)

Zombieland lives! Unique take on the prompt.

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