BCF Month #1 – Prompt 2

20 12 2012

Time for part 2 of Business Card Fiction for this month. The idea is to write a story on the back of a business card inspired by a photo prompt.

The photo prompt for this round was chosen by our judge, Ruth Long.

I’m finding BCF harder than Friday Fictioneers, I can’t fit in as many words! This week I have used Berlin Sans FB, and tried putting my ‘business card’ the other way up. Looks like I can get about seventy words in, depending on paragraph breaks, etc.

BCF001b - Hope




5 responses

20 12 2012

BOB HOPE!!! Well done, for sure!

20 12 2012

I just saw your tag… I thought of Bob before I saw it, but wasn’t sure, as you used the word ‘portly’ to describe him… I would not consider Bob Hope to be portly. I liked how you turned the card on edge. What a clever idea, and a beautiful photo.

20 12 2012

I think I must have had YouTube on widescreen. Portly was not the best choice of words.

20 12 2012

I wouldn’t want to upset poor old Bob, rest his soul, so he’s now ‘cheery’. Thanks, Ted.

20 12 2012

Better description, Dude… I think Bob may have chuckled and rolled his eyes…

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