Friday Fictioneers – Gone, But Not Forgotten

13 12 2012

Friday Fiction time. Short and sweet this week, 55 words.  Last week tried to visit everybody, but had to give up after about 45 stories as it was Tuesday again! Will try to visit as many as possible this week, but not around much Friday or Saturday, hence the Thursday posting. Although having had a quick check, there’s already at least 25 stories up there now!

Please join in, it’s fun. Go here to find out more.

Copyright Douglas M MacIlroy

Gone, But Not Forgotten

“Keep up everybody.”

“And here we have a recreation of Emilio’s shed. This is where with duct tape, chicken-wire and the most basic of tools, Emilio Santos created the first working invisibility shield generator. His vision, dynamism and sacrifice paved the way for a whole new branch of physics.”

“Unfortunately, Emilio hasn’t been seen since.”




19 responses

13 12 2012

Donating your body to science takes on a whole new meaning. Thanks for some good chuckles!

13 12 2012

haha! 😀

What happened? Was he made invisible by his own invention, or did he meet his demise inventing the generator?

Love the suspense and humour.

13 12 2012

I guess he was victim of his own invention. Very well done

13 12 2012
Lora Mitchell

How sad. He suffered the consequences of his invention. Reminds me of Madame Curie who discovered radiation and we all know what happened to her.

14 12 2012
14 12 2012

Let’s hear it for Emilio! Nice one, short and sweet.

14 12 2012
Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Dear Pete,
I’m observing a moment of silence for Emilio. Nice story in the fewest words.
I know what you mean about trying to get around to everyone’s stories. I’ll be busy reading until Tuesday.

14 12 2012

Apt ending. Great

14 12 2012

Oh, I love this.

14 12 2012

Hi Pete,
I assume that the rest of your story is there. We just can’t see it. Actually, amazingly complete story is very few words. Delightful. Ron

18 12 2012


Entertaining story!

14 12 2012

I LOVE the last line:D What a great twist and a cute idea for the photo.

15 12 2012

Fantastic short! I’d like to think all his hard work enabled him to perfect invisibility for himself and he’s quietly going about his life unseen.


15 12 2012

That particular branch of physics lack vision, going invisible by being invisible 🙂

15 12 2012
mari wells

Loved the twist at the end.

15 12 2012

Damn good 55 words! Loved the last line.

16 12 2012

success!!! well done.

18 12 2012

Dear Pete,

i share your frustration at not being able to visit all stories. hang in there. This story was simple, effective (Like Emilios’s invisibility shield) and was one of my favorites this week.



20 12 2012

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