Friday Fictioneers

28 09 2012

It’s Friday, so it’s time for Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers: 100 words of fiction based on the photo prompt. Comments welcome, I need to learn.

Photo by Sandra Crook

Alone With My Memories

We were newly married, young and in love.

She merrily skipped and danced her way ahead of me, up the steps and through the old gateway. And then she vanished, leaving just a ripple in the air like waves settling back on a disturbed pond. I tried to follow, but for me it was just an empty arch. I tried and tried until it got dark, then sat on the rocky steps and cried.

Now I’m an old man; but still I return. I miss her so much.


You are what you read – Science Fiction

26 09 2012

Like all of us, I like to read. I like some thrillers, I like non-fiction military history, I like poker books (not that I’m getting any better for reading them!) but mostly I like science fiction and fantasy. These last two encompass quite wide fields, so I thought that as things are quiet round here mid-week I’d run through some of my favourites. Two reasons for this. Firstly it might give you a sense of who I am, and secondly if you’re into the same stuff, then consider it a recommended reading list.

So this week it’s science fiction. Please note this rambling list is in no particular order, it’s just how they came to mind.

Dune – Frank Herbert
Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card
The Seafort Saga – David Feintuch (but only up to book 4 Fisherman’s Hope which is probably my favourite)
Dorsai books – Gordon Dickson
Forever War – Joe Haldeman
Starship Troopers – Heinlein
Most Asimov especially the Foundation series
Most Simak especially Way Station
World War 2.1 etc – John Birmingham
Lost Fleet Series – Jack Campbell
Perdido Street Station – China Mieville
Infected & Contagious – Scott Sigler
Last Light – Alex Scarrow (not exactly SF, it’s all about what happens when the oil runs out. Very good)
The Parafaith War – Modesitt
Flowers For Algernon – Daniel Keyes (This is a must read)
Moonseed – Stephen Baxter
The Tripods trilogy – John Christopher & Joe Burleson (the first SF I ever read, found it in the school library)
The Saga of Seven Suns – Kevin J Anderson
The Reality Disfunction – Peter Hamilton

I’m sure there are many others that I’ve forgotten, so this list might get updated.

Friday Fictioneers

21 09 2012

Hello again. My first thoughts on looking at this lovely photo revolved around the Koran (Quran?), three winged angels, Allah, Mohammed, etc. But then given recent events I figured that was a very bad idea! So instead you get something a little lighter hearted.

Feel free to comment, but I may get you back!

The Paralympic Angel

The demon and the angel strolled casually across the running track, invisible to human eyes.

The angel eyed the demon’s stumpy tail. “So, what happened to you?”

“Fight. You?”

“Flying accident.”

“That figures,” said the demon as he casually tripped a bladerunner coming into the home straight. The angel picked the athlete up and with a delicate shove helped him catch up with the pack.

“Aren’t these games just a marvellous example of the human spirit? A wonderful expression of God’s glory”.

“Oh I don’t know about that,” said the demon. “Who do you think supplies the Paralympic Torch?”

Lascaux Flash Fiction Competition

19 09 2012

Whilst waiting for the next Friday Fictioneers prompt, decided to have a look round and see if there was something else to get me writing. Came across the Lascaux Flash Fiction Comp. 250 words this time. So here’s the prompt and my entry …

Lascaux Flash Fiction Competition

Bad Day for the Labor Department

As the pain from tightly bound wrists brought him back to consciousness, groggy memories played through his mind. The carnival inspection, the familiar criminal names on the worker roster form, and the anaphylactic shock brought on by a deliberately spiked coffee. That damned milk allergy working against him again. The fact that he was still alive was surprising, they had obviously found his EpiPen and stuck him with the epinephrine.

Now he found himself tied to a sturdy wooden chair surrounded by teetering piles of dusty boxes and mounds of musty old clothes. The only light came in through a broken window in the door. Around the cracks in the glass he could make out a distorted vision of garish midway booths. Duct tape over his mouth prevented him from calling out and the inability to breathe properly invited panic.

They couldn’t let him go: he knew too much. Would it be a quick death? Shot maybe? Weighted with chains and thrown in a nearby river? Chopped up alive and fed to the pets corner? Cold sweat beaded his forehead as his mind ran riot.

Slowly, a shadowy figure walked clumsily up to the door. A misshapen garish face. A fumbled turn of the key followed by the door slowly swinging open. His fate stared in at him with an horrific leer plastered across painted features.

It was a clown … and in each hand … he held a fresh … creamy … custard pie.

Friday Fictioneers

14 09 2012

Have come across Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers. A group of people who post 100 word pieces of fiction loosely based on a photo prompt on a Friday just because they can. Seems like a friendly group, so think I’ll give it a go.

This week’s photo looks like this:

copyright Rochelle Wishoff-Fields

Comments welcome, but bear in mind it’s my first time!

The Time Has Come

Reaching out, he gently moved aside the web entangled branch and peered out at a dismaying sight. Laid out in the valley before him was an industrial wasteland; rows of grimy factories, each one sending forth clouds of black smoke and resonating with enough noise to wake the very trees. Absently he stroked his beard, dislodging beetles and earwigs who quickly scuttled to a safer home amidst his long leafy hair. He eased the branch back, careful not to disturb the webs and turned away from the desecration. His time had come: nature must reclaim the land once more.

Hello everybody!

10 09 2012

Hi folks, not sure where I’m going with this yet, but maybe that’s the fun of it !  Somewhere to exercise the brain cells perhaps? More likely just somewhere to ramble on. We’ll see. I’m looking forward to see how this blog evolves over time and what direction it might take.